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Diamond Grading

Diamond Grading is an important part of Northeast Gemological. Diamonds will receive a report based on the 4 C’s; Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat weight. Loose diamonds are weighed on diamond scales that are tested and calibrated daily. Not just opinion or conjecture, Northeast Gemological uses a nationally recognized data base to establish your diamonds value.

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Estate Appraisal

Estate appraisal can be done at your location. Hourly rates and minimums apply, please call for rates.

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Gem Identification

At Northeast Gemological, gemstone identification is serious business. There are new treatments and enhancements in the gem market every year, and that is why only a dedicated gemological staff, that constantly studies and updates its data on the current trends in gemstone subterfuge work for Northeast Gem. The team at Northeast Gemological work together daily to discuss the latest trends in gemology this often leads to innovative solutions to finding the best methods to detect the latest enhancements. Come in and discuss your gemstone with a Northeast Gemological staff member and learn about the world of gemology.

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